3 Sleeper Bunk Beds

Bunk beds have been around for a very long time especially if you are in the military. They need to sleep in close quarters to maximize space and to be able to move quickly in event of emergency. All the older bunk beds slept 2, one on top of the other. Occasionally they were stacked 3 high, like on a ship at sea, but now you can get 3 sleeper bunk beds in a new configuration of one above and two below.

Why might this be a good idea and where would this set-up be used? If you have three children and a small starter apartment, this is a wonderful way to save space. If you have a cottage in the mountains with only one bedroom, the child can sleep up and the parents down. There are many uses for 3 sleeper bunk beds. And what are 3 sleeper bunk beds made of? All the same materials that any other bunk bed is constructed of. You can find them in wood or metal, the two most common materials for bunk beds. The wood 3 sleeper bunk beds would usually be pine but some are of oak or maple or painted white. Most metal bunk beds are of the silver color which works very well with todays youth. They are very bright and fashionably modern catching the light to blend with all the other lights of computers and wireless blue tooth electronics. 3 sleeper bunk beds are constructed like any other bunk bed. There is a ladder enabling one to climb up to the top bunk and the top bunk has guard rails preventing the sleeper from falling out in the middle of the night. The mattress supports are made up of sprung slats giving all 3 sleepers a comfortable resting position. You can get additional storage with 3 sleeper bunk beds. Some beds come with built in storage drawers under the bottom bunk using every bit of available space. This can be a money saver since with storage under the bed there is no need to purchase an additional chest of drawers or wardrobe. Saving both space and money, what could be better than that? If you look at the price per bed, it is quite less expensive when you compare it to purchasing 3 beds separately. It is actually a real bargain. Compare our prices with our competition and you will be pleasantly surprised. We get the best prices from our manufacturers because we buy in such huge quantities. We then pass those savings along to you. We are also known for our top grade customer service department so please contact us today so that one of our representatives can help you choose the 3 sleeper bunk bed that fits your needs and we will deliver it to you tomorrow. Whether you live in a tiny flat in the city or a large castle in the country we have a 3 sleeper bunk bed for you.

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Birlea Nexus Three Sleeper Metal Bunk Bed

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Verona Marilleva Wooden Three Sleeper Bed Frame

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