Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are an ingenious invention for saving space and who doesnt need more space. Bunk beds are two beds that sit one on top of another.

The top bed is a single bed for one person but the bottom bed can sometimes be a double bed for two people so that the bunk bed will actually sleep 3 people. This is useful if you have a small apartment and numerous children or a vacation cabin and you want to sleep as many as possible. They are excellent if you own fully furnished rental property and you can offer to sleep a larger number than would be possible with just a single bed. Surprisingly bunk beds can be very variable in styles. There are the sturdy wooden ones but they can have carved bed posts and look quite attractive. Bunk beds are found out of different kinds of woods such as knotty pine or maple so the grain will give quite a different appearance. There are metal frame bunk beds that will blend with almost any kind of decorations in the room. The construction of bunk beds is quite interesting. They are carefully fitted together for strength and then have slatted springs for mattress support and a comfortable night's sleep. They all come with a ladder to reach the top bunk and also have guard rails on the top bunk for safety to ensure no one lands on the floor in the middle of the night. Some bunk beds come apart so as children grow and your lifestyle changes, you can take off the top bunk and make the beds into two singles in case children now want a bed of their own or for twin beds for a guest room. Bunk beds can come with additional items as well, such as storage drawers underneath or they can come with matching pieces of furniture like chests of drawers and wardrobes. One that is called a bed sitter bunk bed has just the top bunk with a desk, chair and wardrobe underneath, which saves a lot of space. Other bunk beds can be convertible similar to one that has a futon chair underneath for reading or watching television during the day and then can be switched to an additional bed for sleeping. Some bunk beds have a lower top bunk and are designated as mid sleepers and they can have all sorts of other options. Some can have curtains hanging down from the top bunk to hide the space underneath or they can be used as a child's playhouse during the day. There are so many options for that space. As we purchase in such quantities we can offer you the very best prices. Please contact our customer service assistants so that they can help you choose the right bunk beds for your home or apartment. Order your bed today and we can deliver it to you tomorrow. Whether in a small village cottage or a high rise apartment, we have a bunk bed for you.

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Stompa Classic Wooden Bunk Bed

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