Metal Bunk Beds

Bunk beds have been around for decades if not centuries used in all sorts of places where frugal use of space was important like on a ship at sea or in an army barracks or in student dorms or summer camps. Traditionally bunk beds were made of wood but now more and more bunk beds are made of metal. Metal bunk beds are lighter than wood but equally as strong. As they can be made of a very thin structure, they can take up less room and be easier to assemble and disassemble for moving or storage.

Metal bunk beds are usually in a silver color and as such look quite modern. They look really sleek and space age with the electronics that todays youth are so fond of putting in their rooms. Some look really sharp with touches of wood for decoration they are really very attractive. Metal bunk beds come with two beds stacked one on top of the other to save on space. There is a ladder of some description to enable you to climb up to the top bunk. There are also guard rails around the top bunk to avoid injury from falling out of bed when asleep. The mattresses are supported by sprung slats to give firm support and a comfortable nights rest. And there are more and more styles available in metal bunk beds all the time. The bottom bunk can be a double bed so that the whole bed sleeps three instead of two people. This is a terrific space saver for small apartments with numerous children or small holiday cottages by the sea. Some metal bunk beds also come apart so that when you move to a more spacious home, you will have two beds instead of one and can put them in different rooms. Then there are various other configurations that blend with metal bunk beds. For some the bottom bunk can be eliminated and you have room for a desk and chair below the top bunk instead of a bed very economical in space for a bedsit. You could also have a ward robe there or storage drawers under the bottom bunk. One metal bunk bed has a futon bed under the top bunk that folds up as a comfy chair during the day and folds out to be a metal bunk bed at night. It is a very clever and productive use of space and is comfortable and attractive as well. We have a large and varied selection of metal bunk beds for you to choose from. You will find our prices cant be beaten as we get quantity pricing from our suppliers and can then pass those savings on to you. Our customer service is superb so please contact us today so that one of representatives can help you find the appropriate metal bed for your situation. Choose your bed today and we will deliver it tomorrow. We look forward to assisting you in your purchase of one of our metal bunk beds.

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Product image for Serene Oslo Twin Bunk Bed

Serene Oslo Twin Bunk Bed

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Birlea Nexus Three Sleeper Metal Bunk Bed

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Product image for Birlea Corfu Metal Bunk Bed

Birlea Corfu Metal Bunk Bed

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