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Childrens beds have evolved over the past few decades and the beds that are available are limitless, just use your imagination. But you dont have to as the manufacturers have done it for you. Some have been developed for girls, some for boys and some can be for either sex as they are gender neutral. The beds are made out of all the standard bed frame materials including metal, painted metal and wood. What become inventive are the styles. Beds can come just like Mummy and Daddys bed, in plain or painted metal looking just like a Victorian metal bed -- from there the styles go wild.

Does your little girl think she is a Princess? There are several beds for her including one that puts her in a carriage to sleep and in between the horses pulling the carriage is a toy box. Does your son love computers? There are metal beds that look sharp with electronic equipment and one is a mid-sleeper with bed above and computer desk below. There are some major interesting categories of childrens beds. There are the standard beds in straight metal or wood which look fabulous with any decorations you might choose and would be very flexible to pass from one child to the next. White and metal look good with any color and will always remain in the background compared to the bedding and draperies. The next level up is getting pink metal beds with hearts and flowers and this is still in the realm of the ordinary. Then we go to the really creative. There is one whole line where the beds are cut in shapes and must be put together like a jigsaw puzzle. The themes are lively and fun and become the focal point of the childs room. For boys there is a large yellow digger with the scoop in the front for toys. The lovely thing about this line is that it is click together just like the puzzles no screws needed. Some styles feature matching bedroom sets of chest of drawers, night stand, etc. Another manufacturer does a line of mid sleeper beds where the beds are elevated and come with curtains on the sides and the ends to hide all the toys and games stored below. There are many mid-level sleepers to choose from with everything from storage below to desks, chairs and extra beds or futons. Also available are standard height beds with storage drawers and cabinets underneath that are wonderful to not only hide the clutter but also to save you from having to purchase another piece of furniture they become economical as well. As we purchase our childrens beds in large quantities we are able to get excellent pricing from our top of the line suppliers and we are able to pass that savings on to you. Please contact us today so we can have one of our customer service representatives help you choose a bed that is right for your child today.

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Stompa Classic Kids Starter Wooden Bed Frame

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Stompa Classic Single Wooden Bed Frame

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