Cheap Cot Beds

Cot beds are not cheap. With all the features available to keep your baby comfortable and safe, why would you want to get a cheap cot bed? Having said that we have a very large selection of cot beds and you will find that we have the cheapest cot beds available in the market place. That is an easy thing for us to say because we buy our cot beds in very large quantities and our suppliers are so pleased with us as their customer that they give us their very best prices. And we are so pleased with the low prices that we receive that we pass our savings on to you our customer.

It is so important for us to protect our babies that all cots must come with the British Standards Institution (BSI) number BS EN 716:2008, which indicates that they comply with the required safety standards. It is very important to us that our cheap cot beds are safe for your children. The slats on the side are close enough together that a baby cant get his or her head stuck in them when moving around while asleep. Most cot beds also have teething rails so that as babies grow and start chewing on everything in sight, they dont damage their mouth or the bed while chewing on it. Cheap cots beds have at least two heights for the mattresses, a high one for when they are small so you can pick them up more easily and at least one lower one so when they start to roll around or sit up they wont fall out of bed. The sides of the bed can be lowered or fixed in place, again for ease of reaching the children. Cheap cot beds come in numerous styles and materials. You can get a cheap cot bed in natural wood or painted wood in various colors or a combination of the two. The designs vary from contemporary to even an adorable looking cot sleigh bed just like Mummy and Daddys. You can also choose matching furniture such as wardrobe, chest of drawers or changing top that fits on the cheap cot bed or on the chest of drawers. The basic difference between a cot and a cot bed is that the cot bed is convertible later on to a childs bed and then a day bed. Both sides come off for the childs bed but only one comes off for the day bed which can be used as either an extra couch or an occasional guest bed. This makes your cheap cot bed even cheaper as you dont need to get rid of it when the baby outgrows it you just re-cycle it to a different room for a different use. We have a discerning customer service staff that is just waiting to help you choose the cheap cot bed and suite that would fit in your home. Give us a call today and we will deliver your cheap cot bed to your home tomorrow.

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