Day Beds

Day beds originated centuries ago with the Egyptians as a way to rest and lounge around without going to ones bedroom but they really took hold during Victorian times when they were found in the fainting rooms. As the style of womens clothing included tight corsets, women literally would faint from the tightness of their attire and they would go to the fainting rooms to recover on their day bed.

The only similarity between day beds of days gone by and day beds of today is their usage. Day beds are the size of a standard single bed but are designed with a back and two arms like a sofa or couch. Most people put them in a place where they need a couch during the day but want to turn it into a bed for occasional use. That occasional use is usually as a seldom used guest bed. Day beds can be located in home offices or libraries where they can use extra seating but the room can be converted to sleeping quarters when needed. Sometimes you can find them in larger childrens bedrooms. They can hold decorative throw pillows and a stuffed animal collection but can turn into a playmates sleeping quarters for the occasional sleep over. Day beds come in some very attractive styles. They can be made of metal or painted metal with Victorian decorative items like flowers or hearts in the curlicues of the metal. They also can be of natural or painted wood. There is a range of mattresses available for the comfort of the sleeper. They are designed as a comfortable couch with a back and arms and when converted to a bed, the arms of the couch become the head board and foot board of the bed. It is a very useful design and works wonderfully in many different places in the home or office. Day beds come only in the standard single size as wider than that wouldnt work as a couch. They are quite popular as they are not as expensive costing usually around the same amount or less as a standard single bed of the same material. However day beds purchased from us will be at an attractive lower price than what you would pay elsewhere. Our suppliers are so pleased with the large quantities that we order from them that they give us their very lowest prices. Any savings we get from them we pass along to you. We invite you to contact us to see if the rumors about our incredibly wonderful customer service staff are correct. We have a warm and caring group who are just waiting to help you find the perfect day bed for you. Whether you live across town in a small flat or out in the countryside in a large estate we have a day bed that will suit your needs. Come let us choose one with you today that we can deliver to your home tomorrow.

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Stompa Play Wooden Day Bed

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