Kyoto Mito Futon

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Kyoto Futons
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  • 3 Colours
  • 3 Sizes
  • Made to Order in the UK
  • Good Quality

The Mito futon by Kyoto is new for us and is traditionally the kind of futon that you would find in Japan. The Japanese have small living spaces and everything has to have more than one use. This futon is perfect as it is both a couch and a bed in a very small footprint. This futon comes in sizes of single, compact double and compact single giving you the flexibility of having a complete seating area of couch and chairs during the day and multiple beds at night. The wood is natural untreated pine which is an environmentally sustainable wood as it grows quickly and is harvested and continuously replanted. These futons come in three neutral colours of chocolate, duck egg and natural so they could fit in your main living space or your office or library. Starting at only £179 this futon is also a good value for your money.

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