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Looking for an alternative to hard wooden beds? Then maybe a leather bed is the perfect bed for you. Leather beds come in most of the same styles as a wooden bed, like a sleigh bed or a curved back or storage underneath, but leather bed headboards and footboards are soft. If you or your partner is large or tall, you know how disconcerting it is in the middle of the night to hit your head on the headboard or your feet on the foot board. You may even be tall enough so that you cant even fully stretch out and must sleep with bent knees. Then leather is a good choice for you.

Leather beds come in not only many natural colors of brown and black but also more decorative colors of white, cream or red. The styles are all padded for comfort and can be stitched, buttoned, curved or straight to suit your taste and room decoration. You can even get a traditional chesterfield styled bed that is tufted top and bottom, the selection is limitless. The look of leather is unmistakable, you just want to go up and touch it. After all, it is a natural skin. It gives a feeling of warmth and comfort just to see it in the bedroom. Leather also has a sense of classiness and sophistication about it as well. You could never go wrong with a leather bed. All are constructed of a hard wood frame and then are sprung to give you the ultimate in comfort. Because the springs are built in, you only need to add a mattress to top it off. So in years to come, when you need to update your mattress, you dont need to purchase a set of springs as well. Some leather beds, called ottoman beds, also have storage underneath for extra bedding which you may need in winter but proves unnecessary during the summer. The beds have gas lift mechanisms that automatically raise the bed to reach the storage underneath without exerting any effort. Beds can come in lovely and sensuous real leather or should you wish to save some money, you can get a simulated leather which looks fantastic as well. These wonderful beds also come in the 3 standard sizes of double, king and super king. So when shopping for your next bed, make sure you have leather on your list, you can never go wrong with the natural look and feel of leather. You will always love the look of your bed in your bedroom and showing it off to all your guests. A leather bed is an excellent choice for any bedroom. If your bedroom is large and roomy it will give it a majestic dimension. If your bedroom is small, the natural leather will lend it a cozy air. Either way, leather is the perfect choice for your next bed.

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Emporia Beds Madrid Leather Ottoman Bed Frame

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