Kyoto Atlanta Futon

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Kyoto Futons
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  • Made to Order
  • 9 Colours Available
  • Self Assembly

The Atlanta futon bed by Kyoto is a new futon bed for us in 2012 and this is a lovely traditional futon. The frame is made out of Hevea wood which is in the maple family but it is known as the rubber tree. When the sap of the tree has run its course, instead of destroying the tree as used to be done, it is now cut down and fashioned into attractive and long lasting hard wood furniture. The grain looks great and it is a really sturdy wood. The futon is folded up on the wood frame to be a couch and then when needed as a bed the frame of the back of the couch folds back and the seat folds out to make a bed. The futon unfolds to fit the solid slatted frame and in a quick one-two-three you have a comfortable compact double. The mattress comes covered in one of ten colors: aqua, black, charcoal, chocolate, mink, natural, plum, steel, stone and teal.

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