Walnut Beds

Walnut is a terrific wood to use for furniture as it is hard and durable. The grain is small and tight without imperfections and it polishes well. It is a dark wood near the center of the tree and a lighter wood near the bark. There are several different types of walnut with most of it grown in Europe and north east United States. It is an extremely attractive wood.

Walnut is easy to cut and use and works well with any style of furniture. It is easily cut into straight pieces for head boards and foot boards but can be cut into curves for something like a sleigh bed as well. Either way it polishes up to a nice smooth finish. Because walnut is a little rarer than pine, walnut beds come at a slight premium but look what you get with real walnut. The colors are delightful, the grain superb and the finished product is gorgeous as well as enduring. Walnut beds are constructed as well as all our other wooden beds. They are assembled with nails and glue for a long lasting piece of furniture. Numerous wooden slats are spread across the side boards for ultimate comfort. And there are so many different styles available in walnut beds. They come with horizontal logs which is an interesting rustic look or wide vertical curves for a more modern appearance. There are several interesting varieties for walnut beds that include additional storage. Some beds have pull-out drawers underneath for storing extra linens, clothing, toys or crafting materials. Others are elevated enough off the ground to fit almost a complete chest of drawers underneath. Walnut beds can save you money from not having to purchase another piece of furniture for all that storage. They will also save the space that an extra piece of furniture would take up. Walnut is one of those universal colors that goes with anything. A wooden bed looks good with antique duvets or modern draperies. When you wish to change your decoration you have no need to change your bed as well as it will go with whatever scheme you decide upon. Walnut beds are very warm and inviting and make you want to spend time in the bedroom. As they are built so sturdily they make good bed rests for reading or watching television in bed. They wont wear out over time. It doesnt matter whether you call council housing home or you have a large manor house walnut beds will always look good in any bedroom in the house, for the children, guests or in the master bedroom itself. Whether you have a country styled home, family heirlooms or new modern furniture, walnut beds will fit in with any of it. Give us a call and we will introduce you to our excellent customer service staff who will help you choose a walnut bed today to be delivered tomorrow.

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