Contract Beds

Contract beds are those purchased wholesale by institutions or those overnight facilities that are contracted to the public or a pre-set group of people and therefore all beds and mattresses sold to that group must meet government fire safety standards of UK and EU fire regulations for beds & mattresses in the 'contract' arena. They must meet the 'Medium Standard'. This suggests that the products must adhere to the minimum test requirements of BS7177: 1996. This comprises of the following tests; BS EN597-1 (Cigarette), BS EN597-2 (Match), and CRIB 5 - BS6807. The following businesses qualify and must use contract beds: Hotels / Bed & Breakfasts / Guest Houses, Hostels, Residential / Boarding Schools, University Halls of Residence, Care Homes, Holiday Camps, Hospitals, Prisons, and Buy-to-Let Properties. You can be assured that all our contract beds and mattresses meet these standards.

Our contract beds consist of the bed base or the mattress or a combination of both. The styles can be simple and basic or your can get your base with drawers for storage which is really handy for the college dormitory or teenage summer camps. These beds must meet the above standards but then you can add a full range of head boards and foot boards to them so they are not just your basic bed. You can order various mattresses that will meet your needs including memory foam and pocket spring mattresses for your contract beds. As contract beds are mostly for institutional use and sometimes abuse, they are made of very sturdy construction, sometimes the base is heavy duty metal to withstand a lot of movement. For hospitals they can come with side rails and the mattresses can even be waterproof. There are so many variables, it just depends on your particular needs. As all these beds are sold to the wholesale market, you must contact us so that we may personally assist you with your quantities and other questions that you might have. One thing that we can assure you is that we sell an enormous amount of beds and since we do we qualify for the best prices from the suppliers and any savings we will pass along to you. We also have a bed for hire program that we can share with you should that meet your needs. And if this is for a replacing your aging beds, we have a mattress re-cycling program we can talk to you about as well. We have an excellent customer service staff knowledgeable and well qualified to answer all your questions about our contract market. Please contact us today so that we may help you assemble your order for contract beds to be delivered to you immediately. Whether you are a small bed and breakfast in Wales or a large prison in Liverpool, we will be able to accommodate your requirements in all terms of price, quality, quantity and delivery logistics.

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