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Guest beds come in several different styles but most give you flexibility of sleeping arrangements. The simplest guest bed is a fold up cot that stows away in a cupboard somewhere. It is on castors and when guests arrive you can pull it out, unfold it and put an extra bed anywhere that is suitable.

Another simple version of guest beds is the day bed which has arms and a back and looks like a couch but it is the size of a bed. You can use this as extra seating in a childs room or office and then it can double as a guest bed when the occasion arises. Then there are the more inventive guest beds such as requiring the space under a single bed to be reserved for the guest bed, sometimes known as a trundle bed. These beds are on castors so you can roll them out of the space easily. Then they have different sorts of fold up legs so that the guest bed can be raised equal to the height of the single bed. It can be made up as two singles or since they are next to each other, it can be made up as a king sized bed for adults. Sometimes the beds are disguised to look like drawers under the bed and it is not until you pull the guest bed out that you can see that only the bottom row of drawers works, the top row disguises the guest bed mattress. Most beds have guest beds that blend with the style of the bed above but there is one that is neutral in design and can be rolled under any regular bed to make a guest bed anywhere. Guest beds also have individual restrictions on the maximum height of the mattress that will fit underneath so it is important to pay attention to that detail or the guest bed may not fit underneath at all. The styles of guest beds are just like the styles of the bed above them. If the bed is white wood then the frame of the guest bed will be matching white wood so when the guest bed is underneath it will blend with the bed above. You can find guest beds in wood, painted wood and metal or combinations of natural wood and metal, just like any other bed. We have an elaborate selection of guest beds that are available for you to choose from. Whether you are trying to solve a problem for extra sleeping for a small apartment or hide away sleeping so that there is more floor space, we have a solution for you. Our prices are superb as we buy in such large quantities that we get the manufacturers very best prices which we pass along to you. Please contact our vibrant customer service department today so that we may help you find the guest bed of your choice and we can deliver it in time for your guests to arrive tomorrow.

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Bedmaster Emperor Guest Bed

  • Open Coil Sprung
  • Medium

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