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Metal beds are some of the most versatile beds on the market today. Most start with good hard forged iron and then have different finishes to give them their different looks. Popular finishes are natural iron, brass and nickel. You can also get metal beds in various colored finishes, white and black are the most popular painted colors but many other colors are available too. One of the most interesting features of metal beds is how the metal can be of different sizes, shapes and textures. Then when the pieces are assembled and welded into the finished product, you can get your metal bed in an infinite number of patterns.

The first thought that comes to mind when people think of metal beds is the large cylindrical head board of the Victorian era brass bed. Antique metal beds were originally fashioned in England from 1840 to 1935 and almost every home that existed at that time had several. Originally designed to keep bed bugs away, as back then lice were an annoying problem, they soon became ubiquitous. Some were quite intricate in design reflecting the curlicues of the Victorian era. Today you can get not only the old fashioned looking floral designs but also the more angled modern metal beds, there is a very wide range available. Todays designs also include combinations with other materials, like wood, or several different metal finishes on the same bed. The selection is endless. There is one wood and black metal modern looking bed that looks like Torii gates found in Shinto shrines in Japan. There is another adorable metal bed that comes in pink and white and has a big heart in the middle of the head board that Daddys little girl would just love. A third bed comes in silver metal and the head board and foot board are horizontally curved to resemble the oceans waves. Now that is quite a distinctive range, the selection just has to be seen to be appreciated. Metal beds are very durable, constructed of very strong materials that will last for generations. The head board and foot board are bolted to the side rails and then have sprung slats for strength and comfort. They are easy to assemble and disassemble in order to move them. Another quality metal beds have is that they are gender neutral, with a couple of exceptions. Most times you can have them for one child and when that child moves out you can let another child sleep in the bed. They also are neutral and great for a guest room or master bedroom. We have hundreds of different bed designs and all are sold to you at best prices. As we buy in such volume we are able to pass the savings on to our customers. Customer service is our strength so please contact us so that we may help you find the perfect metal bed or beds for your guests and for your whole family.

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Bedmaster Modena Metal Bed Frame

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