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We have the cheapest sofa beds you can find. We can say that because we sell in such quantity that we buy in very large quantity selections so we get the best prices from all our suppliers. And what do we do, we pass the savings on to you. We know we will get you the best price on cheap sofa beds. By cheap we mean the lowest price for like items, we do not mean that we scrimp on quality. On the contrary we offer the same fine quality you can find anywhere we just offer the best price.

We also believe that sofa beds are a very cheap option for furnishing your home or flat. If you are just starting out and can only afford a bedsit, purchasing a cheap sofa bed enables you to not only save on furnishing your apartment but also on your monthly rent as one piece of furniture makes it like you have two rooms. Cheap sofa beds are so simple to operate. On some the arms fold down and then the back to make up the bed, just an easy series of three clicks does it. Sometimes just the back folds down with supports to hold it level with the sofa seat. You can even find ones where only half the back folds down so one can sleep while another sits up and watches television or plays video games. And what if you have a larger home and have a guest room but as you dont have frequent guests you want the room to double as something else. You can put in a cheap sofa bed and use the room as an office, television room or childrens playroom and only need to use the sofa as a sofa bed when guests arrive. A cheap sofa bed gives you an extra room -- with just a one-two-three your bed is ready. Cheap sofa beds are economical in another way. They are not any more expensive than purchasing a bed and a mattress or a sofa, less probably. Since you need only one purchase you have saved a lot of money. And these new cheap sofa beds are very contemporary in styling. Most will come in neutral colors of brown, black or white so they will blend with any decor you already have. And should you wish to change your carpeting your sofa bed will go with whatever colors you choose. The coverings are of easy care fabrics or faux leathers so that they not only look smart but also clean up easily with just a quick wipe down. We are recognized for our excellent customer service department. Whether you are looking for a cheap sofa bed for your cozy apartment or for furnishing a lake side holiday cottage, we will be able to help you find one that will fulfill your needs. Contact us today and we will deliver to your address tomorrow, wherever you may live.

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Product image for Kyoto Mito Futon

Kyoto Mito Futon

Delivered | 3 - 5 Day Express

From Only £169.00

RRP: £459.00

Save: £290.00

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Serene Estella Sofa Bed

Delivered | Next Day Express

From Only £329.00

RRP: £679.00

Save: £350.00