Mahogany Wooden beds

Mahogany is the term universally used to mean any reddish brown colored hardwood. Botanists agree that there are three true species of mahogany all from North and South America, one in the east along the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean, a second in the dry Pacific region and a third in the central region from Mexico through Central and South America. The important thing of note is that it is all from the Americas. Mahogany has become synonymous with fine furniture. As a wood it normally has a straight grain free from knot holes and imperfections. It is easy to work with, very durable and polishes beautifully to a reddish glow.

With hundreds of years of tradition of building fine furniture out of mahogany, wouldnt you like your bed to be constructed out of mahogany? It is timeless. It darkens as it ages and always looks rich. For mahogany beds, it is the perfect material. It works well with any style as it is easy to handle. It can be cut into curves to accent the grain or can be used in more straight modern lines. Either way it can be polished to a luster that will always look beautiful. Mahogany beds are constructed the same as our other wooden beds. The head board, foot board and side boards are cut and assembled for strength and longevity. The frames are then covered with a number of slats for a comfortable sleep. Mahogany beds come in all the standard sizes of double, king and super king. Other features of mahogany beds include storage. These beds can be constructed with multiple types of storage built-in. Some styles have pull-out drawers under the beds and other beds are raised high enough to fit almost a complete chest of drawers. Not only does this save on space but it also saves on money as it is as if you get an additional piece of furniture for free. A side benefit is that the bed sits directly on the floor saving you having to clean underneath! Mahogany beds look good in any situation. The dark wood has a wonderful sheen to it that looks good with any fabric from the darker reds and blues to the contrasting lighter pastel prints and solids. Mahogany beds are timeless. No matter what style you get, it will never go out of fashion if it is made out of mahogany. You can put mahogany in a childs room and not worry about it getting damaged as it is very sturdy. Mahogany beds make a guest room seem very luxurious and you will be proud to show off your purchase to your friends. And it will be lovely in the master bedroom. You can change your bedding and carpets but you will never need to change your bed. We are known for our good prices which we get due to our volume purchases and we pass our savings on to you. We are also noted for our customer service. Give us a call and talk to one of our reps who will help you choose the perfect mahogany bed today to be delivered to you tomorrow.

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